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By | April 2, 2022

Cloudways users, listen up! I have interesting news for you. Now, Cloudways is partnering with Cloudflare to provide enterprise grade DNS Incredibly low for your customers. Here is a detailed review of Cloudways Cloudflare Enterprise plan which they recently introduced at some affordable prices

Cloudflare Enterprise

I have been using both Cloudways Hosting and Cloudflare DNS for the past few years and both the services are leaders in their domains. In today’s article, I am going to discuss everything about their partnership and how you are going to benefit from it.

We’ll start by understanding what these two companies are all about. We will then move on to discuss an enterprise grade CDN, its significant benefits, and its value for Cloudways customers.

Excited to learn more about this partnership? Let’s dive straight into our article!

Cloudways Cloudflare Enterprise Video

If you are a video person, you can watch detailed video about me in Hindi language. Enjoy!

What is Cloudways?

cloud route is one managed cloud hosting provider Which is built on top of unmanaged hosting providers like AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr and Google Cloud.


it offers Lightning fast speeds and a reliable customer supportwith Easy scaling option. Cloudways is one of the most efficient cloud hosting platform and I am also using it on my personal blog!

If you want to know more about this hosting or are interested in buying it, check out my detailed review on Cloudways Hosting!

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is one of them Most Popular DNS Platforms which provides many services like DNS ManagementImproved speed, security features and customization.


With its free plan, you can secure your websites with a free SSL certificate, manage your DNS, and get a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to accelerate content delivery across multiple locations. Huh. To understand the process of setting up Cloudflare CDN on your website, watch this video.

It also has various payment plans with additional benefits. The Cloudflare Enterprise plan is the most expensive, costing around $1000/month to $5000/month! But here is the interesting part.

With a partnership with the Cloudways platform, you can get a single Enterprise plan that has all its features $5/month for one website, Crazy, isn’t it?

But what are the benefits of choosing the Cloudflare Enterprise plan? let’s find out.

Advantages of Cloudflare Enterprise

100 GB Bandwidth

Cloudflare Enterprise CDN provides a bandwidth 100 GB per month to your users. I think this will be enough for most people. If you exceed the limit, you are only charged $0.2 10GB . For,

cloudflare data center

argo smart routing

Cloudflare is over 200 data centers spread all over the world. Argo Smart Routing in an Intelligent Feature Routes your traffic through the best and fastest networks, This helps to maximize speed and minimize latency.

tier caching

With the Cloudflare Enterprise plan, Regional Tier 1 data centers are used to deliver data to different parts of the world, This helps in reducing static content requests to your server.

Managed WAF Security

Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall gets more analysis 32 million requests and millions of sites per second To identify the latest threats and block them before they infect your server.

Its intelligent firewall helps keep your website secure From Brute Force Attacks, DDoS Attacks, Bot Attacks and other threats. You can also configure Cloudways to enable additional security for your WordPress website, Magento e-store, etc.

PCI DSS Compliance

What does PCI DSS mean? Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, This is helpful if you have an eCommerce store where you store your users’ credit card information.

The PCI DSS security standard verifies that your systems are secure and that users can trust you with their sensitive information.

Image Optimization via Polish and Mirage

Cloudflare Enterprise Edition uses Image Optimization by Polish, which Reduces image size by about 35%. Thus, you get a smaller, sharper and optimized image improving website speed and overall SEO.

It also uses Mirage to optimize images promote lazy loading, It identifies and optimizes the images according to the browser type of the user.

Cloudflare Enterprise Pricing

They have not disclosed the pricing for the Enterprise plan on their pricing page. However, if you do a little research, you will find that its Pricing falls between $1000/month to $5000/month.

But with its integration with Cloudways, you can Enjoy the same Enterprise plan on your own Web Hosting For $5/month only,

Volume Discount on Cloudflare Enterprise

The best part is that if you have more than one website, the wholesale price can only be reduced by reducing it. $2/month, It’s great for agencies, developers, and freelancers.

Also, they only let you switch to Cloudflare Enterprise CDN if you were using the Cloudways CDN by StackPath on your website $3/month,

If you are looking for a different hosting provider, I would recommend Hosting. It also comes with the Cloudflare Enterprise plan, but it is a bit pricey. The advantage with Cloudways is that you can opt for the Cloudflare Enterprise plan. It is not bound on your plan by default.

Cloudflare CDN Speed ​​Test

test website

To test the speed, I have used my website Hosted on Cloudways Hosting with Singapore Servers. I’ve done speed tests in two different situations:

  • Cloudways with Cloudflare Free Version
  • Cloudways with Cloudflare Enterprise Edition

Now, let’s see the result.

Speed ​​Test - Cloudflare Free Version (Bangalore)

with him cloudflare free versioni got the speed 1.41 sec in Bangalore location. Whereas, in the New York location, the speed was 2.5 secondsWhich isn’t bad!

Speed ​​Test - Cloudflare Enterprise Edition (Bangalore)

Now, when I test the speed Cloudflare Enterprise version, speed reduced 1.23 seconds in Bangalore,

Speed ​​Test - Cloudflare Enterprise Edition (New York)

Whereas, I noticed a big difference in speed in New York, falling 1.92 seconds,

So, the main difference that you will see in the Free and Enterprise editions is with the global speed. The speed on your data center will not show any major changes.

Cloudflare CDN Latency Test

Latency refers to the time it takes for data to travel from one server to another. I did detailed latency tests on both Cloudflare’s free and enterprise plans. Let’s see the result.

Latency Test - Cloudflare Free Version

with him cloudflare free cdnyou will find that The latency is quite high in regions like US (11.57 ms), Mexico (21.47 ms), etc. Locations marked in red show high latency.

Latency Test - Cloudflare Enterprise Edition

when i switched Enterprise CDNspeed decreased dramatically 1.74 ms in US, 0.93 ms in Washington, DC, e.t.c. Latency is quite low in all locations except Dubai (78.53 ms).

Overall, with Enterprise CDN, I found over 95% improvement in speed, which is really impressive!

How to integrate Cloudflare with my application?

Now that you know all the benefits of Cloudflare, you must be wondering how you can start using it on your website, right?

How to integrate Cloudflare with your application

Cloudways is a Detailed article explains how you can integrate Cloudflare with your hosting service.

if you want Video walk-through of the entire Cloudflare integration processI put it in my. added on Cloudways Training Program. You can watch it too!

Cloudflare Enterprise Dashboard and Interface

Now, once you activate it Cloudflare Enterprise on Your Cloudways HostingCloudflare Options can be found under application management in your dashboard.

Cloudflare Dashboard

It has a fairly simple and straightforward dashboard. Beginners will have no problem accessing the Cloudflare interface.

There are no overly complicated tasks. it gives you Connect domains with Cloudflare, check bandwidth consumption on your account, and enable, disable, or purge the cache, The Full Page Cache feature is currently under development.

Who Should Use Cloudways Cloudflare Enterprise?

Freelancers, Developers and Agencies Cloudflare Enterprise will benefit the most. they can easily Claim additional volume discount and manage a large number of websites for less $2/website per month,

In return, they may charge their customers more for availing these premium services. Customers will happily pay large sums of money for these advanced services.

In addition, it will also Helpful for websites that get high traffic or have an international audience. Cloudflare CDN can share some of the load from its hosting thus improving the speed across all locations.

However, if you’re just starting out and don’t have a large audience, or if your audience is limited to a specific country, such as India, you won’t need the Enterprise edition at this time. The free version will do the work for you.


Cloudways Cloudflare Enterprise Looks like a really impressive addition! You Get the benefits of both speed and security at an attractive $5/month price for a website. It is ideal for websites with high traffic or international audiences.

Anyway, I hope you found this article informative. Have you used Cloudflare security on your website? Will you be using Cloudflare Enterprise integration with Cloudways? Let me know in the comment box below.

You can also check out my Cloudways Hosting review if you are planning to get Cloudways hosting for your website.

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