Still a lot to be done in healthcare sector in India, says Dr Naresh Trehan

By | February 7, 2022

Eminent cardiologist Dr Naresh Trehan, Chairman, Medanta said on Monday that a lot remains to be done in the healthcare sector in the country.

In India Today’s Budget Roundtable 2022, Dr Trehan said, “Our expectations in healthcare, which is a drawback for two years after the pandemic, have always been that we will strive to achieve 2.5 per cent of our annual budget allocation . Area.”

strong health system

Noting that the government has increased the allocation for the healthcare sector in the Union Budget for 2022, Dr Trehan said it is still not moving the needle enough.

“Although there has been some allocation increase in this year’s budget – from Rs 16,000 crore to Rs 88,000 crore, it still does not move the needle enough. In the background of what we are doing, we will not be able to say the world ahead. Going to be safe from viral attacks,” he said.

Dr. Trehan emphasized on building a strong healthcare system in small towns and remote areas.

“So it means we have a short window to set up a robust system not only in metros and in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Also, if we can add more strength to our civic amenities, because We are facing a double whammy right now in India.”

burden of duel

“The dichotomous burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases has taken a toll on our population. So, the sooner we start our wellness center, the sooner we build stacks, 150 thousand were to be installed and we are half On the way,” said Dr Trehan.

health chain

“We need to create a chain of primary health centres, community health centres, district hospitals etc., which are tertiary level hospitals as we need all of them in this whole business,” Dr Trehan said.

“In the second wave, more lives would have been lost if we didn’t have the kind of network that we have,” he said.

“There is a lot to be done and there are some shortcomings that we really need to adjust. I know it is not time and did not come in budget but I would request that we send you a list of things that could happen This has been done to provide immediate relief as creation of new infrastructure means three to five years – this is a huge effort for which we should not wait,” Dr Trehan said.

He said that there is a need to move the needle more than what we have tried in the Union Budget 2022.

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