Rahul Gandhi hits back at PM Modi

By | February 8, 2022

PM Modi is scared of the Congress, says Rahul Gandhi.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi hit back at remarks made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi against Congress during his speech in the Parliament and said that the PM is scared of the Congress, he is afraid of speaking the truth.

“I had raised three important issues. First, that the PM has created two Indias – an extremely rich India and one for the vast majority of people that has no hope, has unemployment and faces rising prices. Second, the PM is attacking and destroying India’s institutions and third, he is putting India at risk because he has got a bankrupt foreign policy that has allowed China and Pakistan to get together. But the PM did not address any of these issues,” Rahul said.

He added, “The gentleman [PM] doesn’t understand his job very well. He has to understand that Chinese and Pakistanis are now one, India is now facing one front, it needs to be very careful. I am advising the government to please wake up. You are asleep right now, you are ignoring the facts like the Chinese have entered Ladakh. It is very dangerous for the country.”

The PM on Monday in Lok Sabha had blamed the Congress for the spread of Covid in the first wave. To this, Rahul Gandhi replied that he had warned the PM of the threat. “But he did not listen to me. Now, I am again warning about China and Pakistan developing closer ties. Their relationship is a threat to our nation,” he said.

Over the PM’s comments on Jawaharlal Nehru, Rahul said, “If you [PM Modi] like abusing Congress or Nehru, be my guest. But at least do your job. The PM is scared because we speak the truth. My great grandfather served this country. He gave his entire life to the country. I don’t need a certificate from the PM for my great grandfather.”

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