Hijab row: Karnataka student says she ‘screamed Allah hu Akbar’ after hecklers ‘shouted Jai Shri Ram’

By | February 8, 2022

The Karnataka student who was seen in the viral video from Mandya district said she shouted Islamic slogan, Allah hu Akbar, in response to the sloganeering by a mob wearing saffron scarves when they heckled her outside the college.

The college student, identified as Muskan, told India Today TV elaborating what happened during the incident.

“I was going to college to submit an assignment. There were some people who were not allowing me to go to the college because I was wearing a burqa. They were asking me to remove burqa and then go inside,” Muskan told India Today TV .

Video of the Karnataka student shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’ at a mob outside her college in the Mandya district has rocked social media. The video shows a mob of saffron shawl wearing men heckling her for coming to college wearing burqa.

While many hailed Muskan as brave for having stood her ground against a crowd of hecklers, some others accused her of using religious slogan in response to the group which was demanding a ban on burqa and hijab on campus.

She said those trying to stop her from entering the college premises were wearing saffron scarves, as was visible in the video going viral on social media. She said the mob started chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. In response, she shouted ‘Allah hu Akbar’, Muskan said.

“…I came in and they started shouting Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram. I was just passing. There were a lot of boys standing. Some of them were outsiders and some from the college. But our principal and every lecturer supported me,” she said.

The video showed a couple of college staff escorting her to inside the premises. As she headed towards the college premises, the mob started shouting slogans again.

“They started shouting slogans, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Sri Ram. So, I screamed ‘Allah hu Akbar’. That’s it,” Muskan said.

“Lots of boys were standing. They were just screaming…They were showing fingers…I was a little bit scared. Then I saw principal and teacher and felt okay,” she said.

Muskan said, “They were saying if I don’t remove the burqa, they will not remove his [saffron scarf],

The incident took place on Tuesday at PES College in Mandya, Karnataka. This incident happened in the middle of a ragging debate across Karnataka over wearing hijab and burqa on college campuses and in the premises of other educational institutions.

The government has intervened to say that there should be uniform dress code for college campuses drawing sharp reactions from several Muslim groups and Opposition parties. Videos and photographs of students arguing with principals are doing rounds on social media for a few days.

A video earlier surfaced showing a student in the Shimoga district climbing up a pole to hoist saffron flag atop the college building. The student allegedly removed the national flag before hoisting the saffron flag in a signal of support to the Hindu groups demanding a ban on burqa and hijab-wearing on campus.

The video shows students standing below cheering when the saffron flag is hoisted. Students could be seen waving saffron flags or stoles.

The ruling BJP, however, blamed the hijab row emerging from campuses on political conspiracy by the rival parties. Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister BC Nagesh the controversy was limited to six students in an Udupi college who did not want to follow uniform rules and wear hijab while attending classes.

“Initially, 11-12 students were protesting. The local MLA also spoke to the students and some of them even agreed to come to classes in proper uniform. Only six were still protesting when some political forces intervened in the issue,” BC Nagesh said .

The Opposition, on the other hand, linked the hijab row to law-and-order situation and demanded that the government should declare holiday in all the schools and colleges and move classes online.

Karnataka Congress president DK Shivakumar said, “The situation in some Karnataka educational institutions has gone so out of hand that in one case the National flag was replaced by a saffron flag. I think the affected institutions should be closed for a week to restore law and order. Teaching can continue online.”

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