How to earn money from share market (2023)

By | November 15, 2022

How to make money from share market (2023)
How to make money from share market (2023)

How to earn money in share market? The stock market is becoming popular in today’s time. How to earn money from share market if you want to make money from share market? If you want to get information about, then we will tell you how to earn money from stock market?

Today there are many people who are earning lakhs from share market, one of them was India’s share market expert Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. You must have also seen many becoming millionaires from the share market.

If you are thinking that I also want to become a millionaire then Share Market is the best example for you. Share market is such a way of earning money which can be done while sitting at home and doing job. But the share market also has its own rules, which are very important to keep in mind.

If you want to make money from Share Market, then you can also make money from Share Market through some easy methods. Let us know how to earn money from the stock market?

What are Share Markets?

The stock market is such a place where you can earn lakhs by investing a little money. In the share market, big companies sell some of their parts and people buy them and sell them back when they grow.

If understood, the share market is like a vegetable market, where people buy when the price falls and sell when it rises. Today the minimum amount to invest in share market is 500.

People say that there is a lot of money in the share market because they started investing in the share market with just Rs 1000, and today they are making lakhs of rupees from the share market.

If you have made up your mind to earn money from the stock market, then you must first know the rules of the stock market. For this, you must first learn the stock market, because investing in stock market information can be harmful. You can learn share market through an advisor, online course and youtube.

How does the stock market work?

Suppose someone has a good shop. But there is no money for its promotion. He went to borrow money from someone but things didn’t work out and more money is needed. In such a situation, the shopkeeper will see some partners in his shop who can invest money in his shop. This is how the game of stock market starts. It is not necessary to have a new company to enter the stock market. Old companies can also come in the stock market.

Share means ‘part’. This means that the shares of the companies which are listed in the stock market are divided. Any company has to register in SEBI, BSE and NSE (National Stock Exchange) to enter the stock market.

After this, the company in which anyone buys shares becomes a shareholder in that company. This stake depends on the number of shares purchased. Brokers do the work of buying and selling shares, which can also be called brokers. This is how the stock market works.

How to invest money in share market

In this era of technology, anyone sitting at home can easily invest in the stock market. To invest money in the share market, you must have some things.

  • mobile or laptop
  • fast internet connection
  • a demat account
  • aadhar card and pan card
  • a bank account

You can use any online trading platform or app to open your demat account. Groww, Upstox, AngleOne etc. are some of the popular names for investing in the online stock market.

After this, when you create your demat account, then you have to add money. After this you can buy any share. You will get to buy shares there in two ways.

  1. intraday- In this you have to buy in the morning and sell before 5 in the evening at 3 o’clock. You can buy and sell any number of shares in a day. If you do not sell your share then your share will automatically be sold even if there is profit.
  2. long termIn this, you can buy shares for a long time and sell them when the price increases. In this, you can hold the shares of any company for a long time. Long Term Investment You can start with 100 but do it only for good company.

How to earn money in share market? How to earn money from share market

stock market today how to earn money from mobile It has been made from which many people are earning up to lakhs. But, earning money from share market is neither easy nor very difficult. For this you should have knowledge about Share Market and along with this you have to take care of some other important things.

Learn share market- Before investing money, learn about Share Market What is share market? How does the stock market work? And how to earn from share market? Because share market no one can earn money easily. In this era of digital, you can gather information about the online share market sitting at home. Apart from this, you can take the help of a consultant.

Invest less money If you are investing money in share market then it is not necessary that there should be more money for investment. Due to lack of correct information, most of the people make the same mistake that they invest their entire savings in the stock market. Then they bear the loss due to the ups and downs in the market. You can start investing in the stock market with less money i.e. just 100 rupees.

Select stocks of top companiesDo not focus on high returns in the initial phase. Because in the pursuit of high returns, people invest money in those companies and stocks, which are not fundamentally strong, and then get stuck. Therefore, start investing often with top companies ie large cap companies. Which is fundamentally strong. When you have a few years of experience, then you can invest more money.

Know about the company When you buy shares of any company, then you should first know or understand well about that company because if you are investing money in any company which has no vision nor has any future, then you Do not think of your money as safe at all. So you also need to know about the company before investing.

never rushIf you are looking to invest in a company, never be in a hurry. Because the decision to buy before the share price rises and to sell immediately before falling can be harmful. If you want to earn money from the stock market, then avoid any kind of strategy and haste.

always be updated– You should always be aware because in whatever field you invest money, you need to know all the upcoming new updates about that field because by this you can improve your future decisions and your knowledge will also increase. . For this, there are Zee Business News and many such reliable news channels on which business is discussed throughout the day.

This is a guest post written by Mukesh Saini, Founder of In this article, in-depth information about the share market has been given, so that all the questions related to the share market will be answered.


Let us tell you that to earn money from the share market, you must have knowledge about the share market and a demat account. We expect how to earn money from share market? Must have got the right information about.

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