What is On Page SEO and how to do it [2022]

By | November 15, 2022

What is On Page SEO and how to do it?
What is On Page SEO and how to do it?

What is On Page SEO and how to do it [2022] , What is On Page SEO and how to increase blog traffic with it? All bloggers have a little knowledge about on page seo, here we are talking about those bloggers who are beginners because new bloggers have a lot of difficulty in ranking their blog. They do not know much about On page seo and Off page seo. If you are one of those bloggers and want to learn and what is On page seo and how to do it, then today in this article we are going to take all the information about On page seo. What is on-page seo, what are the activities inside it, by which you can increase the speed of your website, improve the ranking of the website. That’s why definitely read the article completely so that you too can rank in the first position of Google by doing On page seo in your website properly. So let’s first know what is On page seo?

What is On-Page SEO?

On page seo is the one whose control is with you or your developer, if you make your website yourself or build it with someone, then both you and your developer have control of what is visible in front, then it is on page seo. . E.O says. For example, when you write an article. It is visible to you but how do you place keywords inside it, how to write its title plus when you put an image inside it, how do you seo it. Inside the URL of that post, you are putting a music file or you are putting your audio in mp3 format, adding a video, adding an eBook in PDF format, all these things are on page s. E.O says. It means to say that the post you are preparing. How to optimize it so that your post ranks in Google, it is on page s. E.O says. On page s. This is the only part of E.O which we have just known about off page S. E.O and Technical S.O. E.O is left. On page s. If you take care of these points in EO, then your post will rank in Google as quickly as possible. So let’s now quickly off page s. Let us also understand E.O. After all, what is this? And why is it so important?

off page s What is EO? What is off page seo?

off page seo Whatever things you do on your website by going to someone else’s website, it is called off page seo. Let us understand such examples below. Such as: creating backlinks, sharing the link of your website in social media platforms, form submission, guest posting, such things, or such things as off page s. It is called E.O. So I must have understood all the information very well till now, let’s know the next part which is technical S. How does E.O happen?

Technical S. What is E.O? – What is technical seo?

Technical seo This is a very important part, in this you have to take care of many things. like:

  • If sitemap is not created in your site then how to create it.
  • Is there a problem of duplicate pages in your site, if yes, then how to check it and how to fix it.
  • How are your redirects set up 301, 302, 404 When and how to apply these redirects, you should know that if not, then it will cause problems in your site.
  • Checking spam score How to reduce it after checking.
  • Many times we write a post on our website, make some changes inside it or delete it later. Due to which the error of broken link comes. how to find it how to fix it
  • What is the speed of your website, if the speed is very low, it is taking time to load, then how can it be increased?
  • How is the structure of your website, is it user friendly, is it mobile friendly, if the bots of Google or any search engine come, will they be able to scroll properly.

Finding out all these things and fixing all these things, such points are called technical seo.

On page S. e.o and off page s. What is the difference between E.O. What is the difference between On page SEO and Off page SEO?

On page SEO: While preparing the post, it is very important to optimize the post by keeping in mind other factors like focus keyword, URL structure, alt tag for SEO in the title.

off page SEO, Understanding all the strategies related to backlinks, it is necessary to make a high quality backlink by following all the rules.

How to do on page SEO? – On page seo technique in hindi

Below we are telling you some important on page SEO points, by which it will be easy to rank in Google. By understanding the points given below, you optimize the post in your website, then it will definitely help you to rank in the first page of Google, so let’s know about the on page SEO technique.

  • title tag
  • headings
  • url structure
  • keyword density
  • internal link
  • image alt tag
  • Meta Description
  • website speed

Keeping all these points in mind, if you optimize your post, then no one can stop you from getting ranked in the first page and increasing the traffic boost in your site. So let us now understand the on page seo techniques very well so that you can implement it in your website by knowing it and customize the post well.

on age seo techniques in hindi

Title tag: We should always keep the length of the title within 60 characters and always keep the title descriptive and include the focus keyword in it. Headings: h1, h2, h3 should be made descriptive with the relevant topic and keep in mind that the focus keyword should be put h1, h2, h3 in such a way that the keywords do not look like stuffing. URL structure: Make the URL structure such that the focus keyword also comes and the URL does not become too long. For example: https://usekaro.in/on-page-seo-kya-hai internal links: Do internal linking of your other posts in the middle of your post, by doing this the visitor will stay in your site for a long time and its one advantage It is also that it helps in indexing your posts. image alt tag: Do not forget to put alt text in the images you use in your post. By doing this, the search engine gets more information about your blog post. This should also include your focus keyword. Meta description: Just below the title, where we give the introduction of our post, meta description is added there. Which should be only 160 words and focus keyword should also be present in it. Speed: The load speed of the page is very important. If your post is not opened within 2 to 4 seconds then the bounce rate will start increasing in your site because the user will not wait for you, he leaves within 2 to 4 seconds. That’s why it is very important to focus on your page load speed for ranking.


We know what is On page seo in hindi, through this article we have tried to explain to you all the information related to On page seo in simple words. We hope that in our post today what is on-page SEO, you have understood all the information about how to do on-page SEO and if you have any question related to it, then we can ask in the comment. . If you have found our article helpful, do share it with your friends and family.

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