What is Off Page SEO and how to do it [2022]

By | November 15, 2022

What is Off page SEO?
What is Off page SEO?

Off Page SEO: If you are a beginner and you have a little knowledge about SEO but you do not have any knowledge about off page SEO, then this entire article is on Off page SEO. Inside this, we will discuss all those things which come under Off page SEO and which are also important. Before moving forward, if you do not know on-page SEO and you are just learning about SEO, then you must have come to know that there is an on-page SEO and an off-page SEO. If you are gathering information about off-page SEO, then my opinion is that first you should understand about on-page SEO. After that it will be easy to understand off page SEO. Because both on-page SEO and off-page SEO are different processes, but we have to do SEO only. On-page SEO comes first in this, so before knowing on-page SEO, you should know on-page SEO. So let’s voice our article What is Off Page SEO? Let’s start with this.

What is Off Page SEO and how to do it [2022]When we link our blog or website with someone else’s blog or website or link our website in other’s website, we call it off-page SEO.

In this we do social media post, guest post, article submission. There are many other types of activities like this, that is, the activities that we do outside our website. It is called off page SEO. Due to which the search engine visibility of our website is fast and the ranking is improved.

Why is off page SEO necessary? – Why is off page SEO necessary?

Why off page SEO is important let us understand it in detail. Suppose an article has been prepared on the same topic in two websites and the quality of the article of both is also equal. Both the websites have optimized the blog keeping in mind the on-page SEO, so which of the two websites will Google rank? You thought absolutely right! With the help of off-page SEO, Google will decide which website has more quality backlinks. Will rank his website accordingly. Now you must have understood why off page SEO is so important.

What are Off Page SEO Tools? – What are Off Page SEO Tools?

There are some free and some paid tools that can help you do off-page SEO. Talking about free tools, google search, google search console, ubersgest free version, web archive, now let’s know which are paid tols ahref, semrus, moz link explorer with the help of these free or paid tools On page SEO can check very easily.

How to do off page SEO? – How to do Off Page SEO?

Read the points given below carefully, this will make you understand how to do off page SEO.

1. By social book marking

You can support your post article on popular bookmarking sites like reddit, quora. Due to which you will also have side comments and your site will get traffic only through the link.

You can comment by visiting related blogs from your blog. Backlinks can be made through comments in the blog, but before commenting in the blog, definitely check the spam score of that site.

3. Through search engine submission

After publishing the content in your website, the link of the post article is made. You can create a backlink by submitting that link to the search engine submission site.

4. Link Building

Off page SEO means link building. If you create quality backlinks, it helps you to rank on Google, but to create backlinks, you should keep in mind that the site from which you are creating backlinks should not be spammy and their contact should be relevant to your contact.

5. social media sites are helpful

You can create an account on all social media sites and share your website link in them. So that your content can reach as many people as possible. This will increase the traffic of your side and you will also be able to rank on the search engine.

6. By Guest posting

When we put the link of our website in other’s website then it comes under off page SEO. It gets backlinks from other sites. Referral traffic starts coming to your website through guest posts.

7. Through Forum Marketing

It comes under off-page SEO technique, in which you can answer people’s questions and promote your website.

What is the Importance of Off Page SEO? – What is the Importance of Off Page SEO?

Many times it happens that many sites have created their articles in such a great way that apart from content and on-page SEO, apart from content and on-page SEO, Google has to pay attention to off-page SEO for which site to rank. That is, Google checks which site people are visiting more, which site is being liked by people, which has more popularity on the social media site and lastly which website has more backlinks. Keeping all these things in mind, Google decides which site to rank.

What is the advantage of Off Page SEO? – What is the advantage of Off Page SEO?

  • Off page SEO is a way of link building with the help of which referral traffic increases.
  • Off page SEO also increases domain authority.
  • This blog helps to rank the website.
  • This leads to online branding of your site.


We know what is Off page SEO? Tried to explain all the information related to it in simple words. We hope you have understood all the information about off page seo in this post of ours today and if you have any question related to it, then you can ask us in the comment section. If you have found our article helpful, do share it with your friends and family.

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